10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym and Fitness Lovers 2023

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Gym and Fitness Lovers 2023

With Christmas just around the corner, we know how difficult it can be to buy the perfect gift for the fitness loving person in your life - we’ve pulled together 10 gift ideas for gym and fitness lovers that are sure to be a hit for a range of budgets!

1. Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells are a must have for any one wanting to take their fitness seriously and perfect for a home gym set up. There’s been a lot of developments in the adjustable dumbbell space, with the most advanced adjustable dumbbells having the equivalent of up to 20 dumbbells in one making them a great space, time and money saver. BRAINGAIN have a range from around £100 up to £500 for a pair depending on what your budget is. 

2. Protein Powder

Protein Powder - in it’s various forms - is by far the most popular supplement for any gym and fitness lover, but you can be certain they’ll always be appreciated. You could buy your father a one off pouch of their favorite flavour or instead treat them to a subscription with someone like Live Hermosa.

3. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker can help them keep track of their progress and set new goals. Fitness trackers these days cover way more than tracking your daily step count, they can give you an in depth stats that can take your training to the next level. FitBit and Apple are the leading names in this market, but you can find a huge number of others too depending on what features you’re looking for and price points! 

[Insert photo of say an Apple Watch in action - https://amzn.to/43k0aGH]

4. Massage Gun

If your loved one struggles to dedicate as much time to their recovery as their workout, then a massage gun is the perfect Christmas gift for them! Massage guns are a super effective tool for bringing tired muscles back to life, increases blood flow and loosens up tight spots and ideal for combatting DOMS. Theragun are the market leaders in the space, however there’s a huge range of other options out there too! 

5. Earphones

What better way to get a good workout in than blocking out the noise of the outside world? A pair of noise canceling earphones are a must for any fitness lover. Apple’s airpods have been a market leader in this space for a number of years, with their earphones fitting perfectly in your ears however there are other earphones in the market that offer the same benefits at a cheaper price like the Beats Fit Pro

6. Drinks Bottle

We all know staying hydrated is one of the most important things to stay in shape and what better way to help your loved one than getting them a trendy and practical drinks bottle. There are a huge range of different options - whether that’s to encourage them to drink throughout the day like the K-Mart watter bottle or something for them to take to the gym with them like the Hydro Flask - at a range of different price points. 

7. Gym Bag

A good gym bag is as important as the gymwear you workout in. You need it to be big enough to hold a change of clothes, shoes and small enough to shove in a locker. All of the big sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, BRAINGAIN and Reebok to name a few. 

8. Skipping Rope

Whether your loved one is trying to build up their endurance or shed a bit of belly fat, skipping is one of the best and most efficient cardio workouts out there. A good quality skipping rope makes a great additional gift to complement any other Christmas gifts you might have picked up. 

9. Gym clothes

This might be the most obvious gift to buy a fitness lover which is why we’ve saved it till last! Every gym lover will have their own favourite gym brand whether that’s Under Armour for thermals or Nike for their running shoes - only thing you need to know is their size and you’re good to go! 


10. Gift Card

You’ve gone through the list and still don’t know what to buy? Never fear - there’s always the option of the Gift Card. Typically all of the big brands have Gift Card programmes that gives your loved on the flexibility to buy whatever they want!

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