Shoulders: The sexiest muscle group?

Shoulders: The sexiest muscle group?

When it comes to the most aesthetic muscle group, opinions will vary as it is a highly subjective topic. For example, some people may argue that the sexiest muscle group is the one that is hardest to obtain which is arguably the abdominal muscles. In this blog we will look into which muscle group really is the most desirable.

Shoulders :

Having chiseled shoulders is very desirable as they will enhance your frame, improve your posture and make you look bigger. Big shoulders will make your upper body wider which will make you appear thinner at the waist creating a v-shape which we all desire.

Abdominal muscles :

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a six-pack because it is so rare to find in the current population (1 in 25000 in UK) and also because it is hard to get. As humans our brains are wired to desire things which are hard to get because of all the things it represents and also because it helps us to stand out. Six-packs are no exception as they symbolize hard work, discipline as well as confidence. It is no wonder people find six-packs attractive.

Arms :

Having big arms immediately gives you a stronger presence because we use our arms for pretty much everything we do so having big, strong arms is going to come in useful. It also shows that you have an ability to be able to protect the people you care about which is an extremely sexy trait.

Conclusion :

It is hard to suggest which muscle group is the sexiest since everyone has different preferences. We have only been through three groups in this blog since these groups are often talked about the most.

The most important thing to remember is that if you want to look sexier then you should be working on every muscle group and not just prioritizing one. This will give you a well-rounded, lean figure which everyone will find attractive.

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